Pandemic pause on signature gathering for initiative.

Given the current public health emergency, you may have wondered (for a moment) how it might affect our campaign to electrify Thurston PUD. Well, we’ve been scratching our heads on this one, and if there’s one message for you all it’s: WE WON’T GIVE UP!

Clearly social distancing forces us to pause on signature gathering. But we are hopeful the emergency will pass and we can have a tidal wave of signatures before the deadline. In 2012, most of the signatures were collected in the last couple months, so this is doable.

In fact, we are brainstorming on how we might still safely collect signatures or collect names for getting signatures later. Drive-up signature event? Mail in a one-page personal petition? On-line petition for people who will sign later?

What’s your idea for getting signatures in the time of coronavirus? Contact Noah with your brainstorm:

Meanwhile, the campaign continues. Here are things you can help with right now!

  • Research! we need to build our information base about public power, PUDs, corporate utilities and past elections in Thurston County. Let us know if you like that kind of detective work, and we’ll find a topic that suits your interests and skills.
  • Messaging! We have so much education to do. Do you like writing, graphics, or developing web or social media material? With folks tuning into the internet more than ever, this is a great opportunity to spread the word.
  • Fundraising! There are so many ways to raise money beside gatherings. We’d like to send out letters to lists, build our social media fundraising and even have Virtual Fundraising events. “Money is the mother’s milk of politics” (said by Jesse Unruh, California State Treasurer and Speaker of the State Assembly, in case you didn’t know…). We’ll need lots of moolah for mailers, drop literature, ads, and other outreach that has to be paid for. Raise money with the time you save not commuting!
  • Endorsements! We can still use the phone. We’d like to reach out to past and present elected officials, unions, and other community leaders and organizations. Would you call important people and sell them on public power? This is your chance!

Want to help? Contact Bruce at

All the work we can do in the next few months sets us up for a great run and gets the jump on PSE propaganda.  So don’t be sad – help organize! 

We WILL get healthy again! 

And we WILL be a public power county! 

Fighting COVID-19 together:

from The Power to the Public Steering Committee

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