Taking back power!

Power to the Public

An Australian Financial Conglomerate bought Puget Sound Energy in 2009 selling it to Alberta Investment Management Corporation, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation, OMERS, and PGGM in 2018. Every year we suffer longer blackouts while our energy bills skyrocket. Fixing and modernizing the power grid is more expensive to these monsters then buying corrupt politicians and running green washing campaigns. Besides they don’t even live here, why do they care? Well we’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore!

This is a fight for power! These corporate sharks swimming in the deep state with international finance greedily gobble up the monopoly profits they force out of our electric bill payments. It’s an endless flow of money from the bottom past the middle to the very tip top. They will do anything to preserve their spring of ill-gained fortune. They will buy all those who will be bought and will try to destroy all those that will stand against them. In that fight they’ll undermine all great principles of democracy, freedom and decency. However, they will lose!

Fight with us! Fight PSE! Fight the international finance eroding our country! Fight the greed! Fight the corruption! Fight for a future!