Basic Information

Public Power Facts —Thurston Public Power Initiative
Thurston PUD Draft Fact Sheet – This document is based upon draft material originally put together by Thurston PUD staff.
APPA – “Public Power: Shining a Light on Public Service”
Public Power Costs Less
Washington State Electric Rate Chart
Refuting tax increase and other lies of the opponents to public power —Thurston Public Power Initiative

Articles related to Thurston Public Power Initiative

* “PSE says cost of takeover could reach a gazilion dollars!“—The Olympian, August 30, 2012
* “Should Thurston County switch to a public power system? Pro & Con“—The Olympian, July 26, 2012
* “Press Release Correcting the Olympian“—Thurston Public Power Initiative, July 20, 2012
* “Wash. County to vote on buying Puget Sound operations“—Platts Electric Power Daily, July 19, 2012
* “A little PUD goes big, or why you should pay attention to it this year“—Olympia Power & Light
* “Jim Lazar Responds to Questions on the Thurston Public Power Initiative“—Works in Progress, June 2012
* “The Democratic Right to Choose!“—Green Pages, Spring 2012
* “PSE backing group to fight Thurston power initiative“—The Olympian, May 10, 2012
* “The Daily Zero Gets It Wrong—Again
* “Converting power supply to PUD no easy (or cheap) task“—The Olympian, May 6, 2012
* “Public Power Moves Closer to Reality in Thurston County“—Works in Progress, April 2012
* “Public Power at the Crossroads“—Works in Progress, March 2012
* “A Little Story About Mac and the Renter“—Green Pages, Winter 2012
* “Storm Shows Need for Change“—Works in Progress, February 2012
* “Why Public Power is Worth the Fight“—Works in Progress, January 2012
WUTC Announcement of PSE’s May 2012 3.2% Rate Increase
The True Cost of PSE Using Coal to Generate 54.7% of its Power

Public Power in Other Places

We’re Almost Surrounded By Public Power!—The Northwest Energy Service Map
Boulder, Colorado Votes FOR Public Power in 2011
Utilities Face the “Age of the Consumer”

Public Power Associations

Washington Public Utility Districts Association
Public Power Council
Utility Reform Project
Northwest Public Power Association
Northwest Power and Conservation Council
American Public Power Association

Other articles

* “Electric utilities leave us in the dark“—USA Today, July 12, 2012
* “Beyond Corporate Capitalism“—The Nation, June 11, 2012