This is from the original website from 2008 of the Jefferson PUD fight that won! We’re part of a movement that wins!

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Principles of Washington State Public Utility Law RCW54

Washington State Public Utility Law RCW54

History of Washington State Public Utilities

Relative Advantages of a Local Electric Utility vs. Puget Sound Energy

  • These are only some of the potential advantages of having our own municipal (city) and/or county (PUD) electric utility provider.
  • Local control. Enabling key decisions to be made by elected representatives of the persons most affected — local consumers of electricity.
  • Local jobs. A countywide electric utility would create about 36 new, local, living wage jobs with almost $2 million worth of labor earnings.
  • Better customer service. A local utility with employees whose entire focus is on our service area will be more responsive to our needs.
  • Consumer benefit rather than investor profits. No need to pay dividends to outside private investors whose ownership is only for financial gain.
  • Energy security and independence. A long-term contract with Bonneville Power Administration would lock us in at current rates and give us time to develop local sources of renewable energy, and adopt conservation strategies.
  • Conservation options. Bonneville gives back 5% of the value of energy purchased for investment in conservation, over which we would have local control.
  • Regulatory exemption. As a small utility with less than 25,000 meters, we would be exempt from certain state regulatory requirements. PSE is not.
  • Other savings. Municipal and county utilities have access to preferential “tier one” rates from Bonneville and tax exemptions.  PSE does not.
  • View a PSE Residential Electric Comparison chart here

Over time, we will provide more information to allow voters to understand and provide an informed vote in November 2008 election.  We also hope that the Jefferson PUD will fund a feasibility study with which to inform voters with fact-based information.