Call for a Port Transition Campaign kick off with David Rovics.

Port Militarization Resistance

By Bruce Wilkinson @bwildleaf

(This was a speech that I wrote and gave on January 10th at Traditions Cafe when David Rovics played.)

Hi everyone, thanks for being here. And let me start off by saying thanks to the indigenous women protesters who have set up a “tarpee” on the state capital at the beginning of the legislative session with a sign that reads protect our Salish Seas. They plan on being there for the duration, the next 57 days, so let’s give thanks and support to those water protectors.

Power to the Public Port of Olympia

Call for a Campaign of Transition for the Port of Olympia

Before the first #OlyStand I remember attending some Port Fracking Resistance meetings. I was not an advocate at the time of a train blockade, I was very much arguing the need to have tactics build over time and I worried about the consequences. I was wrong mostly #OlyStand was a success in a number of important ways, but I was also right because PFR never materialized an organized campaign partially because people got arrested and burned out.

Welcome to our new website

After eight months, we've finally redeveloped our new website. We decided on Drupal for it's expansive abilities and security. It also helps that our volunteer technical web admin is an expert in Drupal. Thank you Matt Hurt for holding our hand and encouraging us to think longterm about what we will need.

That said, we need your help. Are you interested in helping us with building a great drupal website that can be of service to local groups? Please get in touch!

Solar Power to the Public!

In August 2017, Solar Power to the Public is launching it's first solar demonstration project! We've been donated graciously some high quality used solar panels. We're working with Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education (NAAME) to film the project and hope to use it to launch Power to the Public's "Neighborhood Climate Watch" groups with their own Solar Power to the Public local projects. We're interested in finding local communities interested in being the focus of our demonstration project.

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