"Power to the Public" is a grassroots democratic organization that builds public power. Our first focus is on building communities by energizing hyper local groups in engaging in solutions to local problems. We encourage our groups toward using democratic processes, build community assets, and develop a community culture of trust, responsibility and restoration.

Democracy in various forms, from direct to representative, is critical to building the power structures that are accountable. People should have the greatest say over the things that affect them the most and shared say over things that affect greater numbers of people. This means economic democracy as well, democracy tools need to be taught, practiced and fought for. Democracy also requires education through public schools and through publicly supported journalism. Power to the Public fights to build the thirst for democracy while we train people in the tools of democracy and the tools to fight for your community's democratic public power.

Power to the Public is a new organization rooted in the ideals of the American Revolution. The beginnings started in the fall of 2012 after Occupy Wall Street when a group in Olympia held an antiwar demonstration that was called "Localization Not Occupation," that was a celebration of the anniversary of Occupy Olympia and the Afghanistan War. Power to the Public began as the name of a website soon after that, that sought to hold onto some of the aspirations that were fading from OWS. The fight for public banks, the fight locally for the Thurston Public Power Initiative and remembering how inspired people were by the power of democracy in the movement. OWS had deeply democratic elements that were frustrating but feel missing in the movements only five years later. We want to keep the spirit of democracy, that craving, that empowerment, using best practices without overdoing it.