Folk Singer David Rovics, kicking off the call for a Port Transition Campaign!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 7:00pm

Radical Folk Singer David Rovics is coming back to Olympia to play an extended set of his world traveled repertoire of rabble rousing and uplifting music of struggle! He is playing at Traditions Cafe, January 10th at 7pm, in support of the Port Transition Campaign! David Rovics has authored over 400 songs lifting up the voices of the working class. He has written songs about important but overlooked moments in the people's history, about uprisings, revolutions, the dignity of workers in their efforts around the world for justice. He also is a graduate of Evergreen. During Olympia Stand, David Rovics came up twice with Swedish musician Elona Planman and played free shows in support at the blockade. He has a passion for the moments and the people who rise up and break through into the creation of the new areas of what is possible when together we realize our power is greater than what is given by authorities and inherent to everyone. He shows what the power of deep solidarity, love and communion means to social uprising.

Before the music, community members will be giving a brief and inspired call for a Port Transition Campaign. People will have a chance to learn how they can support the effort and get involved.

After over a decade of community unrest around the Port's decisions on the shipping of military cargo and cargo used in fracking, the call for a Port Transition Campaign aims to piece together these struggles. The Port Transition Campaign believes in the power of the Port of Olympia, recognizing it's past and current roles as part of Olympia's economic and social growth, seeks clear thinking about current realities, while diving deeply into the future potential. The goal is to tap into the strength of our community's robust knowledge and skills base, form focused groups to pursue a wide variety of potential goals and help organize those groups towards making small consistent steps toward the manifestation of those goals. This is not a group focused on electing Port commissioners, but it is a group that fully intends for any current commissioners or future candidates to take seriously. It is not Olympia Stand, not affiliated with Olympia Stand, but is critically supportive of Olympia Stand and all those who have taken direct action in the past and future. The Port Transition Campaign believes that creative actions are necessary steps towards realizing concrete goals and in the building of a powerful grassroots, democratic, people's movement to transition the Port of Olympia. Creative actions are a manifestation of our deeper strength, the vast majority of our efforts will be research, networking, creating and uplifting concrete projects, organizing and maintaining citizen committees, bridging communication between the community, commissioners and workers, cultural and social connections, expanding transparency and democratic mechanisms, helping locals in navigating Port bureaucracy, helping connect like minds, helping in building a future vision and keeping a healthy eye on changes in the port going into the future.

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